Interpersonal skills for life and ministry

Strengthening The Local Church Through SYIS

Few things glorify God more than living together in a spirit of unity...and few things are more destructive than not doing so. This is true for ministry teams and also for members of local congregations. This long-time tool for Christian workers has now been reformatted it to meet the needs of local church members!

Even within the church, one of the most significant challenges we face on a day-to-day basis is living, working, and dealing with others. People come from different backgrounds and with different personalities and learning to love with Jesus’ love is tough! 

SYIS Workshops are designed to enhance the Christ follower’s knowledge, attitudes and skills in how to relate to family, friends, co-workers, as well as those within our church families. SYIS is ideal for church leaders as well as members of the congregation.

“I found the materials in the workshop to be particularly helpful. I enjoyed the organization of the topics and the collection of Scripture relating to each topic. The workshop reminded me that I need to continually be mindful of God’s grace and forgiveness for me so that I can do better in extending grace and forgiveness to others.”

How is a Church-Based SYIS Encounter Different?

Many of the components in the encounters are similar to the week-long format of the on-site SYIS workshop. They have been reformatted into weekend encounters that are more flexible to meet the specific needs of the congregation.
Here are some details:
Serve the local church by making training in interpersonal skills available in relevant and effective ways leading to life change in individuals and resulting in strengthened local church communities.
Learn Biblical foundations: John 13:34-35, Colossians 3:12-14, “One another” passages.
Entire SYIS workshop offered in four encounters, if desired.
Phase 1 is the starting place in the sequence and foundational for the others phases.
Phases 2 through 4 may be done in any sequence following the completion of Phase 1.
Each encounter will be facilitated by mixed-gender teams of at least two ITP-qualified facilitators.
Flexibility of format and schedule allows facilitators to design each encounter to meet the needs of each church context.
SYIS encounters may be hosted in a retreat setting or at the church facility and can be weeks or even months apart with an ideal group size between 12-24 people.
High-value learning provided at low cost to local churches. Contact ITP for participant/package fees.