Interpersonal skills for life and ministry

SYIS Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training Workshops (FTW) provide the training needed to become a Facilitator for the Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) Workshop. 

They are normally six to eight days in length, and focus on the learning process and content of the SYIS workshop. Intense, hands-on experiential training prepares participants in adult learning principles as well as providing the tools needed for facilitating SYIS workshops.

ITP Certified Facilitators may co-facilitate SYIS Workshops sponsored by their own or other organizations. Potential facilitators are carefully screened and selected. If you are interested in becoming an SYIS workshop facilitator, prior participation in an SYIS workshop is required.

"The SYIS workshop is a key feature of our leadership development architecture… Taken to heart, SYIS helps people to further reflect the Kingdom in their personal lives as well as extend the Kingdom by helping people minister together more effectively. We believe in this workshop. That’s why we’ve trained a global network of facilitators."

SYIS Facilitator Training Prerequisites

SYIS Participation

Participate in a complete Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop.
Be recommended for this ministry by the Facilitators of the SYIS workshop attended.
If the period between your SYIS and the FTW you hope to attend is greater than three years, you will be asked to repeat the SYIS before participating in an FTW.

Support of Your Organization
Your supervisor or other appropriate leader in your organization must provide ITP with a statement indicating...
Their desire for you to become an SYIS facilitator.
Their plans to use you to provide this training within your organization.
Permission for you to be released to facilitate two workshops per year that are in some way of benefit to other organizations. (This can be fulfilled by hosting a workshop and inviting participants from other organizations to attend or by being a facilitator in workshops hosted by other organizations.)